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Santanyí Santanyi

The nearly 800-year-old community Santanyí currently houses 13.000 inhabitants, of which almost a quarter focuses on the village.
On Mallorca –and especially in the typically remaining southeastern island- there is a huge variety of attractive things to do, here everyone can take a vacation to his liking…


Market Days

market santanyiNext to the numerous shopping possibilities e.g. boutiques, galleries, wine stores and supermarkets, there is a traditional market every Wednesday and Saturday from 10h – 13h.
Here you can choose between local fruits & vegetables, local cheeses and specialties (famous: Flor de Sal d'es Trenc). You will also find several bars and restaurants for a successful evening.



Mallorca Santanyi StrandLike hardly any other Mediterranean destination Mallorca is popular for its variety of activities. This relates to Fauna and Flora as well as an extensive offer to spend your time in a pleasant way.
Here you find time to do:

    • Hiking and jogging
      The Parc natural de Mondragó is near to Santanyí.
    • Beaches
      The most beautiful beaches next to Santanyí are Cala Santanyí, Cala Llombards and Cala Mondragó.

Tauchen Cala Santanyi

    • Diving
      e.g Pacos Dive Center and also Michael Diving School
    • Cycling
      (Race- and Touring bikes as well as Mountain bikes) Rental for example: www.bike-total.com
    • Golf
      The golf course Vall d'Or can be reached within 15 min. by car.
    • Sailing and surfing
      Yacht charter is available in Cala d`Or and Colonia Sant Jordi, also sailing and surf schools can be found there.

Marina Cala d'Or

  • Riding
    Close by, in Porto Petro, you find the riding paradise Rancho Jaume
  • Motorbikes
    Rent a Motorbike of popular brands, also Harley-Davidssons, at Mallorca Motorbike
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